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Did you know that there’s a lot of high tech in toilet tissue?

The Körber Business Area Tissue stands for innovative converting and packaging machines for hygiene tissue products.

Processing wood into tissue paper is a complex technological procedure. However, using complex machines to transform big jumbo reels of tissue paper into the form of high-quality napkins or toilet tissue is real high tech. The machines perform many work steps to manufacture the finished product. They unwind, print, emboss, rewind, fold, cut, wrap and bundle within seconds and fully automatically. The Körber Business Area Tissue supplies the machines that do all this.

A trendsetter for hygiene tissue paper

Continuous innovation and a systematic orientation to customer requirements make the Körber Business Area Tissue the technology and market leader in its industry. Körber offers customized solutions for markets all over the world. That’s because the requirements placed on hygiene tissue paper vary greatly between different countries. Some people like it soft, while others prefer a bit more texture. Some prefer tissue paper from a roll, others like it folded. Still others like to have it colored or scented. The machines from Körber provide the right products to fulfill every requirement. That’s not a matter of chance: About seven percent of sales are invested in research and development. Which is one reason why the Körber Business Area Tissue holds more than 1,000 international patents.

The Körber Business Area Tissue is:

  • the leading supplier of converting machines and services in the tissue industry.
  • the technology leader for folded hygiene tissue paper, such as facial, hand towel and napkins.
  • a supplier of packaging machines.
  • Engraving Solutions offers finished product innovations and embossing rolls.
  • Roll-Tec is a developer, producer, and distributor of engraving cylinders for embossing machines for tissue paper and other tissue products.
  • Sheer is the specialist for hygiene tissue products and packaging on the Asian market and the very entry level segment

Lucca, Italy: The Tissue Valley

The Körber Business Area Tissue employs experts at eight production locations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The sector’s hotspot is Lucca, Italy, which is also known as “Tissue Valley.” This is where the Körber Business Area Tissue opened its Körber Lab in the summer of 2018. In this innovation hub, specialists are exploring the opportunities offered by digitization, in line with the concept of Industry 4.0. 

The Körber Lab is a unique establishment: an open innovation hub for sharing knowledge and collaborating with suppliers, young companies (start-ups), universities, and institutions.

Everything in its proper place: the Körber Business Area Tissue supplies machinery for the entire production range.
Making an impression: On the engraved printing rolls, napkins and other paper products are embossed with patterns.

Digital Tissue™ as an innovation driver

The Körber Business Area Tissue made a quantum leap in 2015 when it launched “Constellation™” an intelligent production machine and line that offers previously unknown possibilities for customization. This production line from Körber independently analyzes all process and production parameters, sends the data to a computer, and provides adjustments during ongoing operations. The entire production line is managed from one control room. The result is hygiene tissue product of a consistently high quality. It even has a name of its own: Digital Tissue™.

Insights shows the entire spectrum of Körber, what we do and how we do it: We give our view of exciting developments and trends, as well as innovations and technologies. We also highlight personalities who drive Körber forward every day with their entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas - always to the benefit of our customers. In this section, you’ll find inspiring content concerning our Business Area Tissue.

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