"We are the home for entrepreneurs — that applies to our customers, business partners, and employees."

Stephan Seifert, Chairman of the Group Executive Board of Körber AG

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Business Partners,

A very successful collaboration with, and support of, our customers and business partners characterized the past year. Our technological focus on the future, our creation of innovative ecosystems, and our entrepreneurial thriving and responsible approach to the work we do were key for this success. Supporting our customers’ business development plus to reliably and sustainably strenghen their entrepreneurial and economic performance were – as always – our motivation.

This is how we are fulfilling our purpose and guiding principle: "Körber — the home for entrepreneurs" now and in the future. Moreover, our purpose applies equally for our customers, business partners, and employees.

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We make machines smarter

Companies with a high degree of overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE for short, are more profitable than others. Körber ensures that machines operate optimally and provides smart products that help customers boost their OEE. Find out more about the role played by data in increasing OEE and the way Körber solutions work.


How we utilize the data treasure of machines

The digitization of industrial manufacturing is simultaneously a promise and a challenge for producers. Körber is ideally prepared for it.

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Reconfiguring machines easily with Lion

When medications are being packaged, no mistakes are permitted. The Lion augmented reality application from the Körber Business Area Pharma makes quality-relevant resetting…

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Data transparency for more efficiency

Increased overall equipment effectiveness: The Tissue Performance Center raises customer service to a new level.

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We work on the solutions of tomorrow

New technologies — whether robots, drones or artificial intelligence — are the key to mastering the increasing complexity of logistics processes. Körber is a pioneer in this field.

Supply Chain

Recording warehouse inventory more precisely with drones

A new solution approach from the Körber Business Area Supply Chain helps to record warehouse inventory much more efficiently than before.

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Supply Chain [Translate to English:]

We are shaping the supply chain of the future

Warehouse management is facing major upheavals. Körber relies on new technologies and agile forms of collaboration for its solutions.
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Out of the cage

Autonomous mobile robots are revolutionizing warehouse management. Software from the Körber Business Area Supply Chain is playing a key role.

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We are entrepreneurial

At Körber, our approach is always entrepreneurial. We systematically explore new directions, take advantage of opportunities, and expand our areas of expertise. And we always take on responsibility — for our employees, our customers, and our environment.

Pharma [Translate to English:]

No plastic needed

Packaging for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors has to be compact, innovative, and environmentally friendly. The Körber Business Area Pharma is a pioneer in the field of…

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Entering the paper straw game

A prime example of entrepreneurial spirit: The Körber Business Area Tobacco is opening up a new market with the Hauni Straw Maker.

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Committed to sustainability

Machines from Fabio Perini enable environmentally friendly and sustainable tissue production.

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A perfect fit

Roll-Tec, Cohesio Group, Otimis – in 2019 Körber acquired three companies, which perfectly complement to us.
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Group key figures 2019 of Körber AG

The Group key figures provide an overview of the development of the past fiscal year.

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