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From a single source: Know-how and cutting-edge technology

Producing and packaging medications quickly, securely, and in top quality: The Business Area Pharma offers the right solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Pharmaceutical products have to be especially secure. Within the brand “Medipak Systems,” the Business Area Pharma combines intelligent and user-friendly solutions to form a unique portfolio of machines, software, and materials. The brand also offers independent and expert advice for customers engaged in projects dealing with serialization or Track & Trace.

Medipak Systems combines outstanding know-how with cutting-edge technology in order to develop holistic solutions. As a result, this Business Area is a partner and an internationally leading system supplier of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In a regulated industry and a complex market, Medipak Systems supports customers not only in the areas of production, packaging, and inspection but also in their implementation of software for the entire process. That creates genuine added value.

The Business Area is represented at 25 locations all over the world. Its employees ensure that customers can produce and package medications quickly, reliably, and in top quality.

From standard applications to complex line concepts: the Business Area offers solutions from a single source. As a result, customers can concentrate on their core business operations.

Spezialmodul von Seidenader zur Über-Kopf-Prüfung von Produkten: Das Geschäftsfeld Pharma ist einer der international führenden Systemanbieter für die Pharma- und Biotech-Branche.
A special module from Seidenader for the overhead inspection of products: The Business Area Pharma Systems is one of the leading international systems suppliers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry sector.
Employees at Mediseal: consulting competence in all packaging issues.
Stringent supervision: Seidenader offers machines for the high-performance inspection of ampoules, such as the MS series shown here.

Strong partners of the pharma and biotech industry

The Business Area Pharma markets the internationally leading offerings from its companies Dividella, Fargo Automation, Mediseal, Rondo, Seidenader, Systec & Services, Traxeed, and Werum IT Solutions under the roof of Medipak Systems.

1. Packaging and transport

Medications are extremely sensitive products, and their packaging must effectively protect its delicate contents. This requires solutions that are both functional and cost-effective.

Dividella, Rondo, Fargo, and Mediseal offer efficient and fully automated solutions. These include not only cartoning and blister machines but also shockproof secondary packaging that ensures secure transportation for pharmaceutical products.

The flexible systems can be easily adapted to meet customers’ extremely varied requirements regarding sizes, impact resistance, and the processing and tracking of products.

Thermoformmaschine mit Tablettendosierung: Effiziente und vollautomatisierte Lösungen aus dem Geschäftsfeld Pharma-Systeme.
A thermoforming machine with tablet dosing: Efficient and fully automatic solutions from the Business Area Pharma Systems.

2. Inspection

The production process of medical products requires close supervision. Medipak Systems offers secure solutions for such supervision, whether the products in question are vials, ampules, cartridges, syringes or bottles filled with emulsions, oleaginous or viscous products, lyophilizates or powders. In addition, Seidenader produces equipment for sorting tablets, oblongs, and capsules.

It also offers semi-automatic and fully automatic inspection systems that include state-of-the-art image processing solutions. Supplementary processes such as high-voltage and laser technology are used for procedures such as testing the impermeability of containers.

Kontrollmonitor bei Traxeed: Maßgeschneiderte Track&Trace-Lösungen.
A control monitor at Traxeed: Customized Track & Trace solutions.

3. System solutions

The customers of Medipak Systems can successfully hold their ground in the pharmaceutical market. The Systec & Services company offers independent consulting to support customers who are looking for serialization solutions or would like to implement MES (Manufacturing Execution System) projects.

In addition, Werum IT Solutions offers functional start-to-finish MES solutions for the entire production process. As a result, smooth operation is ensured and the employees’ work is made easier. Thanks to its PAS-X, Werum is the global market leader in the area of MES systems.

4. Tracking

Just as important as secure and efficient production is the ability to continuously track pharmaceutical products from the production process through transportation to a pharmacy and from there to the patient. This makes it possible to reliably protect these products from counterfeiting, and that in turn benefits the patient most of all. For this purpose, Traxeed offers customized Track & Trace solutions and supports customers in the serialization of their medications or other products.

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