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Making machines more efficient with artificial intelligence

Agile methods: Generating ideas at Körber Digital.

Körber Digital uses artificial intelligence to boost manufacturing efficiency. Advancing the digitization of industrial production results in quantifiable added value for partners and ensures a continuous implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

American and Chinese companies are dominating the consumer internet. In the fields of mechanical engineering and industrial manufacturing, however, this is not the case. There are enormous opportunities in future-oriented fields of AI-powered manufacturing and smart factories – this is where Körber Digital positions itself. But to succeed at digitizing the manufacturing industry, there is a need for cleverly combining digital technologies and the expert know-how in mechanical engineering – which is Körber’s unique advantage.

We turn entrepreneurial thinking into customer success: We develop digital products, services, and solutions. We use algorithms and data science; we connect machines and optimize processes.

Körber Digital is a company builder for AI-powered manufacturing efficiency. Utilizing data science, deep tech and artificial intelligence to increase the performance and availability of machines in production lines. This approach improves the industrial plants’ availability resulting in decreased downtime, increased energy efficiency, prolonged lifetime, and steady economic activity.

AI-powered manufacturing – made by Körber

Through the systematic use of new and emerging technologies, manufacturing companies can analyze large quantities of data in meaningful ways and optimize the availability of their production lines. Körber is a technology leader and pioneer at the forefront of this market and heading the shift from traditional manufacturing to AI-powered manufacturing. 

The market opportunities are enormous, since interpreting “big data” is getting more efficient at a faster pace. The key to success is building data analysis models on the foundation of mechanical engineering expertise. Körber combines invaluable industrial experience and the inventiveness of roughly 10,000 Körber employees with the entrepreneurial spirit, agility and deep-tech knowledge of start-ups.

Creating a digital European manufacturing ecosystem

By taking advantage of the power of artificial intelligence Körber Digital creates digital business models and ventures to ensure customer success. The transformation of industrial production sites cannot be accomplished by any party acting alone, that is why interdisciplinary teams co-create solutions. 

We view technological progress as a collaborative effort

Körber Digital develops products, services and business models together with customers and shares experiences with other digital solution competitors to connect machines from a multitude of manufacturers. The co-creation approach enables Körber not only to solve specific problems, but to improve the performance of the entire manufacturing industry. 

The future of manufacturing lies in an optimized use of AI – Körber Digital embodies the belief and trust in the co-creation of the next European manufacturing ecosystem. As a technology leader, Körber innovates and establishes digital frameworks that link people, data, machines, and processes. 

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