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Roll-Tec, Cohesio Group, Otimis – in 2019 Körber acquired three more companies, which fit the Group perfectly and complement and expand its portfolio.

Körber is a globally operating company. Through its acquisitions, the Group is accelerating its internationalization, opening up new markets, and offering its customers additional future-oriented technologies. Since last year, Roll-Tec, Cohesio Group, and Otimis also belong to Körber. Each one of these three companies plays an important role in its respective Business Area. In addition, their entrepreneurial ways of thinking and working perfectly match Körber’s DNA. We’d like to introduce them to you.


Otimis also scores with service: employees are available around the clock to answer customer queries.

At a glance

Name: Otimis – Supply Chain Intelligence
Company headquarters:  Blumenau, Brazil
Sector/Core business: Logistics / Software

What do customers receive from Otimis?
Otimis is a leading provider of software and support services for supply chain management. The company provides innovative tools that help its customers expand and automate their supply chains. For example, it offers on-premises warehouse management systems, industrial voice solutions,  and solutions for automating material flows. In addition, the company’s supply chain experts can be reached by customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week to provide advice and support.

How is the acquisition benefiting customers?
Customers are benefiting at many levels. Thanks to its integration into the Körber Group, Otimis is now operating globally. As a result, its worldwide customers can access local contact persons. In addition, Otimis has access to the full range of software and logistics expertise of the Körber Business Area Supply Chain and its network of experts. This enables it to develop and offer increasingly holistic products and services. Its portfolio includes advice, project planning, system integration, hardware and digital solutions for smart factories, warehouses, e-commerce, and the automation and management of entire supply chains. The combination of the skills, products, and services from Körber and Otimis makes it possible to provide solutions for customer demands worldwide — no matter how extensive or complex they may be.

Why is Otimis an ideal fit for Körber?
The Latin American market is attracting many companies from all over the world, because it enables them to acquire new globally operating customers in the region. Thanks to its locations in Brazil, Chile, and soon in Mexico, as well as its excellent reputation in the region, Otimis is the ideal partner for helping Körber to expand its offerings for customers in this market.

They have an excellent reputation in the Latin American market: the supply chain experts at Otimis.

Cohesio Group

The use of voice solutions is one of many ways in which the Cohesio Group optimizes its customers' workflows and processes.

At a glance

Name: Cohesio Group
Company headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Sector/Core business: Software development, technology integration and consultation

What do customers receive from the Cohesio Group?
Cohesio is a leading integrator and developer of technology solutions  enabling rapid optimisation of supply chain workflows and processes. It’s also an idea-generating partner for strategic concepts. With a presence throughout the Asia Pacific, Cohesio’s innovative technology transformations span warehousing and logistics including distribution centres, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, FMCG and retail. It’s enterprise-grade solution portfolio ranges from voice-powered technology that enable hands-free workflows to new-generation mobility solutions, software applications that provide actionable business insights and retail fulfilment. This includes autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

How is the acquisition benefiting customers?
Customers of the Cohesio Group can take advantage of the access to the global market that the merger with Körber now offers them. In addition, they can benefit not only from the advice offered by the Cohesio experts but also from the full range of know-how available from the Körber Business Area Supply Chain. That’s a key advantage, because the rapid growth of e-commerce is dramatically changing the demands placed on supply chains. Companies that want to stand their ground in the market must continuously improve their processes, mitigating risks and loss due to outdated, complex and manual processes. The combination of expertise from Körber and Cohesio enables them to do just that. This capability, from consultancy to implementation and support, is available not only to companies in the APAC region but other parts of the world that want to establish themselves more firmly in this region.

Why is the Cohesio Group an ideal fit for Körber?
In recent years the Cohesio Group has experienced strong growth and gained an outstanding market position as one of the leading providers of voice-directed solutions and automation solutions with AMRs. Cohesio is a pioneer in integrating AMR solutions in the APAC market. Their importance is growing rapidly due to their cost-effective and rapid deployment timeframes compared to traditional automation. The company is becoming an integral component of the Körber Group’s global voice business. Thanks to its broad technology-oriented portfolio of products and services, Cohesio is an ideal fit for the Körber Group. It is further improving Körber’s ability to offer clear added value at the global level to its existing and future customers.


More embossing motifs, new innovative technologies: Roll-Tec customers benefit from the acquisition by Körber.

At a glance

Name: Roll-Tec Cilindro
Company headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil
Sector/Core business: Mechanical engineering

What do customers receive from Roll-Tec?
Products from Roll-Tec set the standards in the area of embossing technology. The company develops, sells, and services embossing cylinders, which are the central elements of embossing machines. Roll-Tec is considered the market leader in this sector in Latin America. Its products are used for a very wide spectrum of embossing materials ranging from glass, plastic, and leather to tissue and non-woven fabrics. Roll-Tec also supports its customers by providing expert advice in areas such as the development of new embossing patterns.

How is the acquisition benefiting customers?
The acquisition has considerably expanded the range of Roll-Tec products and services. Customers are benefiting from state-of-the-art production technologies, an expanded selection of embossing motifs, and synergy effects. One example that illustrates this very well is a technology that the Group company Fabio Perini developed for tissue production on the basis of Roll-Tec’s expertise in the sector of non-woven fabrics. In this technology, the heat of the engraved steel roll is used to increase the thickness of the paper and thus the volume of the entire tissue roll. This innovation combines two advantages: It ensures greater reliability in the converting process and also improves the product quality. Roll-Tec customers are also benefiting in the areas of maintenance and support: They now have access to a larger team of experienced technicians who are addressing and solving their issues even more quickly.

Why is Roll-Tec an ideal fit for Körber?
Through its acquisition of Roll-Tec, Körber is further expanding its position in the tissue market in Latin America. The company’s expertise and its products provide a basis for leveraging further synergies within the Körber Business Area Tissue and fulfilling a wide range of customer wishes innovatively and efficiently.

The embossing machines from Roll-Tec set standards. The company is the market leader in Latin America.
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