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Keeping thousands of supply chains around the world moving

At Körber's Business Area Supply Chain, we have a broad range of best-in-class supply chain solutions to fit a company’s size, business strategy, and appetite for growth. A range that goes beyond software to include automation, voice, robotics, materials handling – plus the systems integration expertise to tie it all together. 

Supply chains are the lifeline of any business model. They are either a crucial strategic advantage — or an obstacle that stands in the way of success. The supply chain challenges for companies are growing. It is hard to recruit employees and to keep up with the ever-higher expectations for choice, convenience, speed – and of course, price.

We provide full system integration

To succeed in this environment, companies need not only optimally trained employees but also the appropriate technologies. As a leading supplier of fully integrated and digitized processes, Körber Supply Chain is the ideal partner. We deliver software and automation solutions and the necessary expertise for seamless process and system integration of software components, equipment and agents along the complete supply chain. We keep thousands of supply chains moving throughout the world. 

We don’t offer isolated solutions — we have a broad range of technologies – plus the expertise to deliver complete system integration. End-to-end. Worldwide.

Our solutions include:

  • Supply Chain Software: From warehouse simulation to transportation management and proof of delivery
  • Automation Solutions: Designing and implementing software and automated solutions to streamline high throughput operations
  • Voice, Vision & Mobility: Innovating operations with hands- and eyes-free technologies to improve efficiency in the warehouse 
  • Robotics: Solutions to bring performance and precision in your warehouse to the next level, e.g. with the use of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) 
  • Material Handling: A full range of materials handling equipment to manage semi- and fully automated processes in the warehouse
  • Parcel and mail solutions: Flexible and customizable automation and software solutions – innovative and reliable
  • Software Consulting & Implementation: Decades of experience and encompassing system concepting and design service to optimize operations with minimal disruption or support the implementation of innovative technologies, e.g. the use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence 
  • SAP Consulting & Implementation: Extensive SAP logistics applications knowledge to provide complete and seamless supply chain integration

At the forefront of the supply chain industry

With experience in a variety of fields and industries, we have completed thousands of installations worldwide. Our team combines a global footprint with a local presence, helping customers to make smart decisions about what to invest in now, and how to optimize as needs continue to evolve.

Plus, we have access to a global network of logistics systems companies and partners ready to help customers to succeed – wherever they are. No matter their supply chain needs, our team of technology providers, systems integrators and consultants can help to solve their business problems.


Insights shows the entire spectrum of the Körber, what we do and how we do it: We give our view of exciting developments and trends, as well as innovations and technologies. We also highlight personalities who drive Körber forward every day with their entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas - always to the benefit of our customers. In this section, you’ll find inspiring content concerning our Business Area Supply Chain.

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