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More than 12,000 employees, globally active and passionate about innovation — that is the way to achieve both market and technological leadership. We are Körber. Presenting our Group.

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We are Körber

Körber is a leading international technology group that has more than 12,000 employees at over 100 locations worldwide. We are the home for entrepreneurs — we turn entrepreneurial thinking into customers success. Körber AG manages the Group and its four Business Areas: Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain and Technologies.


The Körber Insights shows the entire spectrum of the Körber world: We give our view of exciting developments and trends, as well as innovations and technologies. We also highlight personalities who drive Körber forward every day with their entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas.



Wanted: team players. The know-how, creativity, and dedication of our employees have made us a successful technology company in Germany and worldwide. Now we want to shape the future — with you! We offer exciting positions for experts, young professionals, university students, and high school students.

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"Modern leadership culture has a performance-enhancing effect"

A working climate that promotes innovation, diversity, and the courage to tell uncomfortable truths is more central than ever to a company's success today. In an interview, Gabriele Fanta, Head of Group Human Resources, explains how the new leadership principles at Körber specifically strengthen fruitful collaboration in everyday working life.

What comes after traineeship, Max?

Experience report: After graduating in mechatronics and mechanical engineering, Max Döring became a trainee at Körber. Today, he is Technical Product Manager at our Körber Business Area Pharma.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Joint future-proof activities are the foundation of sustainable procurement. Körber, as a globally leading technology group, therefore places great value on the optimal purchasing of materials and services.

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Sustainability is our driving force


We are the home for entrepreneurs and a well of ideas: A place where sustainability becomes reality. Our dedicated employees take on responsibility, develop their ideas, let them mature, and use their know-how to create innovations — day after day. From the initial ideas to the finished products, solutions, and services, we think and act as sustainably as possible. We continuously ask ourselves and our partners questions such as how we can save electricity, avoid CO₂, and conserve materials. In addition, we develop solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.

However, we focus not only on cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, solutions, and services, but above all on the people who are responsible for them. Our inner drive and conviction are the focus of our digital Sustainability Report 2022.



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Our promise for a sustainable life

We at Körber have a clear position: We are the first to do the right thing at the right time. This applies to our innovations and to our collaboration with customers, business partners, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. This is especially true when we look ahead. After all, what tomorrow will look like is at the core of every idea of sustainability.

Sustainability promise

House of Sustainability

Thinking sustainably and acting responsibly requires courage, conviction, and a clear plan. Our “House of Sustainability” shows how we think about sustainability and in which focus areas we are implementing it. The focus is on the dimensions “Environment,” “Social,” and “Governance” together with their focus areas.

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Our main sustainability targets

By 2040, we will achieve net-zero CO₂e emis­sions in Scope 1, 2 and 3.
By 2023, 90% of mana­gers will parti­cipate in the global talent develop­ment prog­ram (GPS).
By 2023, >90% of the rele­vant purcha­sing volume will be covered by supplier CSR self-assess­ment.

Sustainability in figures

We at Körber have set ourselves ambitious targets. We want to make them measurable and, above all, transparent. Our progress to date in figures.

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We’re forging ahead

State-of-the-art leadership promotes a sustainable mindset

Our five leadership principles are designed to empower employees to act in the spirit of a sustainable company at all times. A progress report.

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Employees on a sustainable mission

On a sustainable mission: In our Ecodesign think tank, our dedicated employees lay the groundwork for optimizing our products.

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Environmental Circle: Pioneering thinkers with inspiring ideas

Leading by example: In Markt Schwaben, employees have voluntarily joined forces to make the site even more sustainable through their ideas.

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Supply chains: Minimizing risks

We are working with around 10,000 suppliers in 80 countries. How digitization and other measures are helping us to ensure sustainable supply chains worldwide despite the high level of complexity.

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Products, solutions, and services

We are shaping the future with cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, solutions, and services. Our vision: market leadership through technological leadership. In our five Business Areas, we offer thrilling sustainable products, solutions, and services. 

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Responsibility is a team affair

Sustainability is a driving force for all of us at Körber. A core team coordinates all activities to ensure that we work as efficiently as possible. We’d like to introduce ourselves.

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Our commitments and memberships

We support the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and are a member of important associations, federations, and initiatives. Among them are the UN Global Compact network and the Science Based Targets initiative, which we have joined. We are constantly expanding our sustainable commitment.

Glossary — Explaining Sustainability

From equity of opportunity to the Supply Chain Act, we explain the most important terms used in the Sustainability Report.

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PDF archive

Sustainability is a long-term process. You can find our current and previously published sustainability reports as PDFs for downloading in our archive.

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