We are here for you – in every situation!

The safety and health of our employees, business partners and customers is our highest priority. Körber remains a reliable partner also in Corona times. What we do to protect and support you.

The continuing spread of the Coronavirus around the globe and the Covid-19 pandemic has serious consequences worldwide. Public life is severely restricted and the economy is only slowly recovering. It is an unprecedented situation that presents us all with enormous challenges for an indefinite period.

Health and safety have always been top priorities for the Körber Group to protect its approximately 10,000 employees as well as business partners and customers around the world. We are doing everything possible to protect the people we work with from the consequences of the pandemic and to support them as a reliable partner.

What we do in more detail:


1. We protect people

We introduced information and prevention measures for our employees throughout the Group at an early stage. For example, we use a large variety of alternative forms of work such as remote working or modified shift work to minimize the risk of infection.

For our employees worldwide and for personal contact with our partners and customers, extensive protection and hygiene measures are in place, which are consistently implemented and adhered to. In doing so, we follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and local authorities worldwide, among others. Even when working with reduced presence in offices and new shift models in our production facilities, we strictly observe the official regulations and requirements as well as specially developed safety and hygiene rules. If the incidence of infection increases in a region, we can react quickly and flexibly at our sites.

2. We support our partners and customers

Many of our customers work in areas that are of outstanding importance in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the hygiene products industry or logistics. With entrepreneurial action and creative solutions, we support our customers, for example to prevent supply bottlenecks for products and goods that are particularly needed or in demand.

The business continuity for and together with our customers and partners is the focus of all our attention in all our companies in the Körber Group. The Körber Global Corona Response Team regularly monitors the current situation concerning the dynamic development of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to be able to initiate the necessary measures for stable business continuity together with the Group companies at an early stage. Wherever there are further restrictions and conditions imposed by the authorities, we support our customers and partners remotely. We are increasingly relying on digital tools and solutions and we will consistently expand and further develop these to continue to be a reliable partner for our customers and partners.

3. We are reliable, strong and stable thanks to our financial independence

The massive consequences of the pandemic for the economy and companies are also affecting Körber. Thanks to our strong equity base, our high cash position and our solid operational financing structure – in short, thanks to our financial independence – we, at Körber, are very well positioned to master this unprecedented challenge together with our employees, customers and business partners and to emerge from this period strengthened.

We are here for you – in every situation.

Stay healthy and contact us at any time!

Körber AG

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