Körber pays Corona premium for all employees

Special payment as a thank you: Körber will pay a bonus of 500 Euros to all employees worldwide for the year 2020.

"With this special payment, we would like to thank our employees on behalf of the Group Executive Board, the Business Area management teams and the Körber Supervisory Board for their outstanding achievements and exceptional commitment during the Covid pandemic," emphasizes Stephan Seifert, CEO of the Körber Group.

 "The past few months have been an exceptional and unique challenge for our entire Group, our companies and each and every one of us worldwide. We have mastered these together very well so far," said Seifert.

Thanks for great commitment and flexibility

"Our sincere thanks goes to all our employees who, with great commitment and flexibility, have so far ensured and will continue to ensure that we successfully accompany our customers through this special situation and continue our business in a stable manner. Furthermore, it is great to see how much team spirit and creativity we have put jointly into strengthening and advancing our business over the past few months. This is how we will continue to be successful together," Seifert concluded.

The amount of the special payment per employee across the Group is 500 Euro or the equivalent in the respective local currency. The bonus is to be paid out to all employees with the December salary statement 2020 - irrespective of how long and in which function they have been with Körber.

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