Subsidiary Studer wins innovation prize

“We are delighted with this award,” said Fred Gaegauf, Chairman of the Management Board at Studer. “It confirms on the one hand how important this topic is for many experts and users. On the other hand, it also demonstrates that our technology really does represent a major step forward for the operation of grinding machines.”

On behalf of the operator, the Studer software independently makes many of the standard settings which are required to operate a cylindrical grinding machine. The system automatically determines the necessary key cylindrical grinding data. “The basic principle can be compared to that of a modern camera. These autonomously calculate many key parameters such as focus or exposure, and automatically ensure high picture quality,” said Erhard Kämpf, Head of the Form and Thread Unit. “Studer Technology operates in a similar manner.”
This was the third time that the important industry prize has been awarded within the context of the eponymous mechanical engineering trade fair in Switzerland. The evaluation criteria are the novelty and originality of the idea, the quality of the practical implementation and the market potential.
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