Strong Growth in 2008 for Körber Group

“In 2008 we were able to strengthen our competitive positions further in all Group divisions”, said Dr Redeker.
This enabled us to increase our sales volume by 9% to €1.75 billion for the fifth time in a row. Incoming orders rose by 4% to €1.85 billion and income before taxes by 14% to €203 million. The return on sales is therefore at 11.6%, an excellent value in the engineering industry. 9,587 people work for the Körber companies worldwide, an increase of 5% compared to last year.

The global financial crisis, however, has already made its presence known even at Körber, explained Dr Redeker during the press conference. Because the economic development of the markets relevant to the Körber divisions has not been uniform, the crisis has not affected every company to the same degree.
“Even in challenging times, the Körber companies will continue to invest in research and development in order to provide their customers the best technologies and services in the future”, said the Körber CEO.
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