Körber companies as initiators of social commitment

Körber AG and its three Hamburg-based group companies Blohm Jung, E.C.H. Will and Hauni are supporting the initiative “Anstiften!” organized by the Körber Foundation. With each putting up EUR 5,000.00, charitable projects in the metropolitan region are being supported directly by the companies. The Körber Foundation is doubling these sums.

  • Körber AG is partnering the project “Lernen im Fluss – Schüler erfahren und gestalten ihre Umwelt” [“Learning in Flux – Pupils Experience and Shape their Environment”]. Under expert supervision, 5th grade pupils from a Hamburg-based grammar school are being introduced to the topic of environmental protection through active participation in a stream renaturation project.

  • Hauni Maschinenbau AG is supporting the initiative “Friday Funday” run by the Sport Association Nettelburg/Allermöhe. Based in a socially-deprived part of Hamburg, this aims to create regular midnight sporting events. The target group comprises young people from the town quarter. The objective is to actively combat youth crime through sporting activities and encounters.

  • Blohm Jung GmbH is also backing a project. The company is donating EUR 5,000.00 to support the project “Youth Exchange with Ashdod/Israel” organized by the Youth Academy Neu-Allermöhe (“JANA”). JANA will use the money to bring together a total of 20 young people from Ashod and Hamburg to talk about their personal histories and discuss topical issues, such as for example the conflict in the Middle East or the economic crisis.

  • As the fourth member of the party, the company E.C.H. Will GmbH is supporting the project “Das Geld hängt in den Bäumen” [“Money Grows on Trees”]. A private individual from Hamburg secured the support of Winterhuder Werkstätten – an enterprise dedicated to promoting the qualification and social integration of handicapped individuals – as well as a garden and landscape design business for the following concept: organizing the harvest of uncollected fruit from allotment gardens and private orchards in Hamburg by previously trained helpers, following consultation with the owners, and then to arrange for the harvested products to be sold on street markets or through affiliated companies. This is designed to create the foundations for an independent company which will enable handicapped people to develop their own futures.

“We support social institutions because our business operations are based upon social principles which guide our activities vis-à-vis employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners as well as vis-à-vis society at large,” says Dr Werner Redeker about the involvement of the Körber Group.

Further information about the competition is available on the Körber Foundation website.
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