Körber AG is an "instigator"

The Körber Foundation launched the “Instigate Change! 50 New Ideas for Hamburg” competition at the beginning of January this year to mark the company’s 50th anniversary. Kurt A. Körber, the founder of the Foundation, would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. And that’s reason enough for the Körber Foundation to look for 50 new project ideas that will move Hamburg forward. The Foundation will be contributing 50 times 5000 euros to the venture and is also looking for 50 Hamburg-based companies to match this contribution with another 5000 euros each. These companies will then support one of the projects as a partner. Körber AG is already one of the partners on the list.

“Being part of this wonderful initiative launched by the Körber Foundation, the sole shareholder of our group, is a point of honor for us,” said Dr Werner Redeker, Chairman of the Executive Board of Körber AG. “I am happy that three of our Hamburg-based companies are also partners of this project: Hauni Maschinenbau AG, E.C.H. Will GmbH and Blohm Jung GmbH. Together we can achieve a lot in encouraging social advancement and the exchange of ideas and information in our city.”
Needless to say, the team at Körber AG is now eager to know which non-profit project will be assigned to their company. A jury will undertake to match the projects with partners who share the same interests as closely as possible so that these partnerships may be the beginning of a long-term collaboration.
Project ideas can be submitted to the Körber Foundation by Hamburg-based clubs, schools, social institutions and initiatives in the fields of education, art, culture, international understanding, youth welfare and senior citizens’ care and environmental protection.
The 50 ideas chosen as projects will be presented to the public at the beginning of June 2009 and each of them will receive funding in the total amount of 10,000 euros, half from one Hamburg-based company and half from the Körber Foundation.
“Instigate Change!” is also supported by the Hamburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Trade.

For more detailed information, please go to the website of the Körber Foundation.
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