From conception to mailbox in record time with W+D TIMOS

The W+D TIMOS – Totally Integrated Mail Output Solution – masters one of the greatest challenges in the mailing sector by significantly reducing the time-to-mailbox. In other words: the time taken for the design, production and dispatch of a real envelope, with simultaneous individualization and personalization.

Experts in the field fundamentally agree: When it comes to targeted, high-quality communication the printed envelope continues to be the method of choice. Physical mail, sent in an envelope, enhances the marketing message and conveys a feeling of quality and personal appreciation to the recipient. An empirical study conducted by information and media company Nielsen in Germany and the US confirms the exceptional advertising power of the printed envelope. But the advantages of e-mail in terms of efficiency, which have been undeniable to date, have led to an overall reduction in volumes in the postal sector.

In developing the W+D TIMOS, which incorporates the expertise of both the envelope specialists at W+D’s Neuwied headquarters and the experts for inserting and mailfulfillment at the Löhne site, W+D successfully addressed the competitive disadvantages of the envelope that previously existed compared to electronic mail. With this innovation the printed envelope is not only a high-quality, individual and targeted alternative – it has evolved into a fast and efficient option and therefore remains a competitive alternative in the long term, even in the digital age.
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