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<p>The topic of sustainability is ever present in our global society like no other – and rightly so!</p> <p>Sustainability has many aspects and starting points: ecological responsibility, entrepreneurial innovation and shaping...

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The topic of sustainability is ever present in our global society like no other – and rightly so!

Sustainability has many aspects and starting points: ecological responsibility, entrepreneurial innovation and shaping power, as well as social awareness and advancement. As a company, we combine these points with a clear commitment: to responsibly shape the future. 

At Körber, we have the very best conditions for this: Entrepreneurial thinking and responsible conduct have characterized Körber since the beginning of our corporate history and are firmly rooted in our corporate culture. For our company founder Kurt A. Körber, technological innovations, economic success and sustainable and responsible behavior have always been in harmony – always with the focus to partake in a driving and shaping role. 

And it is in this spirit that we have been acting and working as a company for decades. Sustainability has a high priority in all our business areas and is anchored as a central component of our corporate strategy. Together, in our global organization, we achieve our goals every day in a very focused and successful manner. This way, we make a better life possible for present and future generations.

I am delighted to present our latest Sustainability Report to you today and to inform you about where we currently stand, what we have already achieved, and how we are continuously thinking about and responsibly shaping sustainability. 

I now wish you an insight into the sustainable activities of the Körber Group that is both informative and interesting, and I look forward – if you wish – to your feedback and suggestions.

Stephan Seifert
Chairman of the Executive Board of Körber AG


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I am convinced that continued environmental protection does not diminish a company’s earning power, but helps to safeguard it in the long term.

In this respect, responsible companies need to play a pioneering role and initiate activities to reduce their environmental impact – irrespective of legislative decisions.

Founder of the Group Kurt A. Körber

Our clear commitment

Our actions today will have an impact on the lives and the economic activities of future generations.

You can read more about our goals and measures in the foreword by our Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Körber Group Erich Hoch.

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As a technological leader, we invest in a better tomorrow

Sustainability is part of our DNA and our convictions. Together, we at Körber want to be the first to do the right thing at the right time.

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Our activities enable a better life for current and future generations

This is our sustainability promise. Here’s why we have made this promise and what it entails.

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Combining forces for a shared idea

Our sustainability strategy establishes clear guidelines for the Group, thus enabling a better life for current and future generations. Combined forces and the right mix of our expertise significantly increase the impact of our activities. 

What we have planned

From now on, we will report voluntarily and regularly on our sustainability goals and what we have achieved.  

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We utilize our uniform, group-wide sustainability strategy to leverage synergies and create a common understanding of what sustainability means for and at Körber.

Our strategy encompasses all three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social, and governance.

We consider sustainability to be a driving force for growth and innovation.

How we are reinventing the future

We have certainly set ambitious goals for ourselves. We are resolutely working to achieve them, and we hope this inspires others. Thinking in terms of sustainability and acting responsibly are not changes that happen overnight. Such changes require commitment, courage, and a clear plan.

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We are measuring our successes on the road to sustainability

Sustainability will change all the aspects of our daily life, our economic activities, and our society. If we want to safeguard the basis of life for present and future generations, sustainability is essential.

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We love collaboration

No matter how big a company is, it is always a part of society. More than anywhere else, this fact is crucial to the effort to create a sustainable future. This effort affects all of us, in every aspect of our lives. And that’s exactly why a sustainability mindset consists of three pillars: environmental, society, and governance.

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We implement sustainability together

All of the employees at Körber are helping to make a sustainable future possible. A core team coordinates all the activities.  

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