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We are Körber

Körber is a leading international technology group that has more than 12,000 employees at over 100 locations worldwide. We are the home for entrepreneurs — we turn entrepreneurial thinking into customers success. Körber AG manages the Group and its four Business Areas: Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain and Technologies.


The Körber Insights shows the entire spectrum of the Körber world: We give our view of exciting developments and trends, as well as innovations and technologies. We also highlight personalities who drive Körber forward every day with their entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas.



We develop innovative products, solutions and services for a more sustainable tomorrow and introduce the people who make them possible. Find out more in our Sustainability Report 2023.

Online Sustainability Report 2023PDF Sustainability Report 2023

Körber pursues ambitious climate targets

In October 2023, we had the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) verify our commitment to achieving net-zero CO₂e emissions throughout the entire value chain by 2040. We would like to introduce you to some of the measures that will help us achieve this ambitious goal.

Group-wide standards for Ecodesign

We were able to advance our Ecodesign initiative decisively in 2023 after creating a group-wide standard for life cycle assessments (LCAs). Find out more about the first LCAs we implemented and the challenges we overcame.

Data and infrastructure protection

We aim to transform information security into a strategic objective and make it a shared concern for all employees. We provide an overview of the corresponding measures and projects in 2023.



Wanted: team players. The know-how, creativity, and dedication of our employees have made us a successful technology company in Germany and worldwide. Now we want to shape the future — with you! We offer exciting positions for experts, young professionals, university students, and high school students.

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"Modern leadership culture has a performance-enhancing effect"

A working climate that promotes innovation, diversity, and the courage to tell uncomfortable truths is more central than ever to a company's success today. In an interview, Gabriele Fanta, Head of Group Human Resources, explains how the new leadership principles at Körber specifically strengthen fruitful collaboration in everyday working life.

What comes after traineeship, Max?

Experience report: After graduating in mechatronics and mechanical engineering, Max Döring became a trainee at Körber. Today, he is Technical Product Manager at our Körber Business Area Pharma.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Joint future-proof activities are the foundation of sustainable procurement. Körber, as a globally leading technology group, therefore places great value on the optimal purchasing of materials and services.

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Dimension Governance – focus field ‘Responsible information management’

Data and infrastructure protection

Protecting a company and the data it uses against cyberattacks is a core task in multiple areas. First of all, it is about the trust of customers, employees, partners, and, ultimately, society as a whole. Secondly, business-relevant processes and, consequently, economic interests are also at stake. At Körber, responsible, proactive handling of cyber risks is a cornerstone of sustainable corporate governance.

When dealing with cyber risks, we view the issue of information security from both a business perspective and from that of our clients and the market. “From a business viewpoint, we need operational processes that are resilient against cyberattacks,” affirms Andreas Gaetje, Chief Information Security Officer. “We wish to be a dependable, trustworthy partner for our customers. At the same time, the market expects improved security for digital products in light of increasing connectivity in production.”

“With our internal cybersecurity awareness campaign, we pursue a clear goal: putting our strategic objective information security into action and transforming our colleagues into security ambassadors. This involves but is not limited to raising awareness, encouraging dialog, and ultimately bringing about changes in our colleagues’ behavior.”

Jan-Christian Kaiser, Head of Security Governance, Körber Group

United for greater security

To counter the steadily rising threat posed by cyberattacks, we have professionalized our structures over the past five years. A crucial move in this regard was making information security an integral part of corporate strategy in 2022, thus establishing it as a top priority at group level. “We started building a suitable organization, developing frameworks, and implementing tools in 2019. Including information security in our corporate strategy has sped up our progress significantly”, reports Andreas Gaetje, Chief Information Security Officer. “It still makes me proud that the first IT tool implemented across the Group was a security tool. Today, our corporate slogan of ‘stronger together’ holds true for this issue too.” 

“With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks globally, a modern Cyber Defense Center is essential for Körber to evaluate threats and vulnerabilities, monitor security events, and take countermeasures to protect us and secure the company's digital offerings.”

Dimitrios Iatrou, Head of Cyber Defense Center, Körber Group

Today, we have a matrix organization with security officers and even feature our own sub-organizations within the Business Areas. These are tasked with implementing all security actions decided on a group level in the Business Areas. They also handle any local issues and refer them back to the group-wide department, as necessary.

We divide the group-wide topics among three areas: The Security Governance Area handles policies, frameworks, awareness, strategic expertise, and risk management and compliance. The second area is the Cyber Defense Center (CDC), whose specialists check Körber’s systems for suspicious activity twenty-four hours a day. In 2023, the CDC already monitored more than 80 percent of the total IT infrastructure in this way. A third area is Application Security. This team attends to security aspects in software products developed within the Körber Group.

Exceptionally secure

After introducing the security guideline framework and the security organization on a group and business area level in 2019, we then established a ‘Corporate Guideline Information Security’ and an information security management system (ISMS) before starting to build up the CDC in 2020. When we rolled out a standardized security stack across the group in 2021, we created a structure which allowed us to professionalize and further develop Group IT security. 

We focused on improving the maturity level of our information security for 2023 and 2024. This includes expanding preventive measures as well as optimizing security processes or actions to boost OT security. “We made significant progress in 2023,” reports Kaiser. “Examples of this advance are the excellent CyberVadis rating and ISO 27001 certification. We thus also have objective proof for the exceptional standard of our security solutions to show the outside world.”

Gold from CyberVadis

As the world's largest provider of sustainability ratings for companies, EcoVadis created CyberVadis, a solution to evaluate third parties’ cybersecurity risks in 2017. The methodology covers all major international compliance standards. Companies can share their CyberVadis ratings with others, thus demonstrating their standard in cybersecurity.

Parts of the Körber Group IT landscape were awarded the CyberVadis Gold rating in 2023. We had undergone this assessment for the first time and attained an exceptional result with 914 out of 1,000 possible points. CyberVadis conferred its Mature designation, the highest status in this area, for our security measures regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and data.

Information security

At Körber, information security comprises IT security, OT security, and application security.

Information security relates to the information technology used in the group consisting of hardware and software and includes matters such as governance, compliance, and risk management. OT stands for operational technology, where the focus is on protecting systems used to automate industrial processes against cybersecurity threats. Application security is concerned with the information technology contained in the products that Körber supplies.

Application Security Community

In 2023, we launched a cross-business area platform for our software developers, the new Application Security Community. It is used to share best practices in application development. 

With it, Körber aims to establish security by design as a fundamental aspect of the software development process in all Business Areas. This area will be expanded significantly in the future and new standards implemented.

Cyber Defense Center

Launched in 2020, the Cyber Defense Center (CDC) is a key part of Körber’s security architecture. In collaboration with our partner NVISO, the CDC guarantees 24/7 monitoring, enabling us to respond to incidents at any time whenever necessary. 

In the event of an attack, we can quickly assess the threat situation and take appropriate countermeasures thanks to our security systems. Besides response action, the CDC also focuses on a proactive approach to threats to repel potential attacks before they occur. We put ourselves in the mindset of a potential attacker and try to anticipate possible attacks. The CDC thus monitors the general threat landscape continuously beyond Körber’s systems. 

Certified ISMS

Information security management systems (ISMS) minimize security risks within companies. 

ISO 27001 certification provides objective proof of an effective ISMS. The Körber Group’s Central IT Department has been certified to ISO 27001 since 2023. All group companies which receive Group IT services benefit from this certification since their clients and they themselves can rely on strict security standards. The Körber Business Areas Pharma, Supply Chain and Technologies also hold other ISO 27001 certificates in relation to software development for special products. 

Because it affects everyone ...

Raising awareness about information security was a major focus for the work in 2023. “Our employees are the first point of entry and the first possible line of defense against cyberattacks,” affirms Gaetje. “That’s why raising awareness and training for Körber employees form a key component in our multi-year cyber resilience program. Our in-house motto ‘we protect what we create’ is intended to show our colleagues that every individual is crucial for combating attacks.” In view of this context, we implemented numerous measures in 2023 as part of an in-house information campaign to raise awareness and encourage dialog among employees. Among other things, these included the Cybersecurity Week, a newsletter and intranet messages on the security matters, establishing a cybersecurity community, appointing ambassadors, and creating little games which enhanced consciousness and knowledge of information security in an app.

“These activities enabled us to successfully heighten awareness among colleagues in 2023,” explains Sarah Kwaschnik, Senior Manager Group Communications at Körber. "The next phase of mobilizing employees has started for us now. During this process, we’re significantly improving communication on a group level and in the Business Areas once more with the consistent aim of increasing knowledge and awareness to bring about changes in behavior.”

Cybersecurity Week: Full focus on awareness

Cybercrime is constantly on the rise in an increasingly digitized world. The financial and legal risks are a real threat, something which also affects Körber. Hackers tend to target employees to steal login details or infiltrate malware into the network. This means that employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats such as phishing or social engineering. 

To ensure defenses are as effective as possible, Körber provides suitable training and held its first Cybersecurity Week for employees in October 2022. During the second edition in October 2023, some 700 colleagues participated in virtual events to learn more about the world of cyber threats and how they can protect our company and its work on a day-to-day basis. Topics at the event included using AI to deal with threats, secure software development, and cybersecurity as a competitive advantage with clients. Participants experienced these topics first hand with interactive formats such as live hacking sessions, including deep dives for developers and software engineers.

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