Körber Cell Maker

Accelerating your battery cell production

The Körber Cell Maker combines high-speed and precision, thereby accelerating the transition to a decarbonized future. By using approved automation technologies, we aim to produce high quality battery cells with high reliability and minimum costs.

The Körber Cell Maker takes production speed and product quality to a whole new level.



Key benefits


Fully automated high-speed battery cell production that surpasses current industry standards.


Precise, stable and fully automated production processes using high-class quality sensors. Early rejects of defective parts at full speed allows for significant cost reduction.


Increased process reliability thanks to continuous processes, approved technologies, an established service network, global spare parts availability and digital remote support.


High-speed production, high quality products and high OEE enable significant savings. The reduced cleanroom and air-conditioned production area, along with the material savings from early rejects, make for lower essential costs and a lower carbon footprint.

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Körber has production and sales companies and over 100 representative offices across the globe. Our partners benefit from our international company and the local service and agility of a local partner.

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