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The online trading platform tissue.one brings together traders, producers and buyers from the paper industry - and makes trading more efficient, faster and more transparent. tissue.one is a tailor-made offer for the industry and sends decisive impulses for the future.

Soft or rough, from a roll, folded or colorful — preferences regarding hygienic paper vary, not only from one person to another but also from one country to another. Paper roll dealers must react to these variations in more individualized ways than ever before.

Bringing supply and demand together in the best possible way: Laura D'Amico, Product Owner tissue.one, Körber Business Area Tissue.

In order to optimally bring together the whole range of supply and demand, the Körber Business Areas Digital and Tissue looked for a solution — and came up with the online trading platform tissue.one. This platform combines all the trading activities of the tissue industry along the entire value chain. 

The development of tissue.one was made possible by the combined efforts of the Körber Business Areas Digital and Tissue. In this partnership, the tissue expertise of Körber, which has been synonymous with competence and knowledge on the market for more than 50 years, was complemented by the digital know-how of  Körbers digital experts. 

As a B2B marketplace for the sector, it offers buyers, producers, and dealers an opportunity to conduct their trading activities quickly and securely. Oversized or unusual paper rolls, special cuts, the trade in used machines, and detailed information about traders and producers — all this and more can be found with ease. It’s a matter of mouse clicks, because the platform’s structure is completely digital — a paperless solution for the paper industry.

lWe’re offering users a network that is urgently needed.r

Laura D’Amico, Product Owner tissue.one

Strengthening trust in business partners

tissue.one is a global platform created exclusively for members of the tissue industry. “We’re offering users a network that is urgently needed,” says the Product Owner of the tissue.one project, Laura D’Amico. Together with her team, she spent months interviewing potential buyers and customers to find out their needs. One issue that surfaced again and again was the lack of trust among the business partners. “Customers often find partners that are promising at first glance — but some dealers don’t even have a website,” she says. Who are the dealers? Who are the buyers? Are they financially secure? Do they operate reliably? The interviewees also complained that there’s hardly any consolidated and well-organized information about the products available on the international market, and that it takes them a lot of time to make telephone calls and do all the research themselves. D’Amico’s findings formed the basis for developing the platform. Today tissue.one is helping users to find trustworthy producers all over the world and to make their trading operations faster, simpler, and more transparent. That’s because users can rely on the expertise and accuracy behind the platform’s recommendations.

“Suddenly, users from all over the world were making contact with one another: Europeans with South Americans, Chinese with South Africans, and so on,” says D’Amico to describe the effect of tissue.one. “Through this platform, we’re taking a niche market deep inside developing countries.” She has observed many positive reactions to the platform — for example, the response of a customer who was delighted to have finally found a special packaging paper for tuna fillets. 

Network for paper production: tissue.one helps to find trustworthy producers worldwide. This makes the platform faster, easier and more transparent.

A growing network

The platform is still a prototype — and D’Amico and her team are seeking users for it by means of stringent certification processes. D’Amico’s colleagues call up companies, ask about their licenses, the name of their Chief Executive Officers, their company structure, and further relevant data that would qualify a dealer to register for the platform. “In the future we’re going to commission external certification companies to do this work,” says D’Amico. That will conclude the pilot phase and establish tissue.one on the market. The figures are already confirming the team’s expectations. The platform went online a few months ago with ten users. Today it has 150 users from 46 different countries. Many more customers are already going through the verification process. 

Global exchange: At tissue.one, Europeans, South Americans, South Africans, Chinese and many others come into direct contact.

lMaybe it will one day be possible to connect the customers’ data in such a way that inquiries can be launched automatically.r

Laura D’Amico, Product Owner tissue.one

Logical steps on the way to Industry 4.0

The developers have made the platform simple and self-explanatory. Dealers, producers, and buyers enter their data into a template and post their offers or inquiries. They communicate via a message portal and thus find out more about a specific product. Their correspondence with one another is saved on an overview page. If they find the right item they can place an order and close a deal on tissue.one.

D’Amico says that the development of the platform is a logical step toward the era of Industry 4.0. On the platform, supply and demand are in one and the same virtual environment, processes become leaner, and customers’ wishes become more individualized. The developers want to go even further in the future. “Maybe it will one day be possible to connect the customers’ data in such a way that inquiries can be launched automatically,” says D’Amico. In any case, she will continue to advance and broaden the platform’s potential: “There’s still a lot of room for expansion,” she says.

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