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Away-from-home products, including hygiene tissues and paper towels, come in all sizes and designs – and demand is increasing. Körber innovations lead the way with immediate fast and flexible solutions for AFH manufactures. A Körber expert explains how.

Some days we’re constantly on the go! We travel from the office to the train station, pick up kids from school, stop off at shopping malls or cafés and later go to either work out or eat out.  Our customers’ lives are just as busy. During each of these familiar activities and at several stop-off points – offices factories, train stations, fitness studios, eateries, and so on – we are away from our homes and use restrooms – and hygiene tissue products – provided for us. 

The efficiency of a production line for away-from-home (AFH) products impacts us all. Mordor Intelligence estimate, “more than 9% of the paper products processed in the world end up as tissue products, accounting to at least 21 million metric tons of tissue paper every year.” Demand is high – and it’s increasing – and our customers’ exact product requirements are ever-changing. the Körber Business Area Tissue is leading the way with innovations for greater speed, efficiency and safety in paper towel and tissue product conversions.

lAFH products are mainly for hotels, restaurants and cafés (HORECA), institutions and companies – including hospitals, healthcare, large workplaces, industries and airports.r

Stefano Palazzesi, AFH expert at Körber

Stefano Palazzesi has worked for the Körber Business Area Tissue for over 30 years. He’s thus an AFH expert. Stefano tells us, “AFH products are mainly for hotels, restaurants and cafés (HORECA), institutions and companies – including hospitals, healthcare, large workplaces, industries and airports.” Just like with regular consumer goods, our clients ordering industrial sizes and quantities of hygiene towels and tissues have changing needs and preferences. Stefano explains, “the trend in public environments is to have rolls with a high density, with a roll diameter rarely over 300 mm. This reduces the cost of personnel for replacing the rolls and occupies less space. For product diversification, some solutions have a very small core, or are even coreless.”

We adjust the settings on huge conversion machines to cater for our clients’ diverse preferences. Stefano outlines the issue: “We need to maximize our customer’s investment in manufacturing with no lack of production, to produce the widest range of products, and reduce downtime, both when switching between products and during maintenance. In the past, we could dismantle machine parts manually, but this is no longer acceptable.” 
Körber’s state-of-the-art industrial rewinder, the Proxima S6, lets us make tissue product conversions automatically via the digital operator panel. Core diameter changes, perforation length and pitch, for example, can all be converted quickly and safely, without having to open the machine to manually change parts. The Körber Proxima S6 unveils an innovative era for AFH product conversion technology – and it’s fast. 

Stefano is proud of  the achievements. He says, “the Proxima S6 can produce rolls for both toilet paper and kitchen towels to a 350 mm diameter at up to 600 meters per minute and reach a cycle rate of 30 logs per minute. The flexibility, efficiency and safety of the machines, with automation of the various adjustments, is a huge step forward for our business.”

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