Data transparency for more efficiency

The Tissue Performance Center at Körber’s Business Area Tissue raises customer service to a new level by providing fast assistance when machines malfunction, giving instructions for optimized production, and conducting comprehensive data analyses.

At the Körber Business Area Tissue, ten technicians, in addition to providing support to hundreds of customers every day, are immersed in a digital environment. Thanks to the connection with the customer’s machines, they can receive alarms and information on system malfunctions. They check various parameters: Is the operating temperature right? The speed? The tension of the paper? If this is not the case, the customer service experts at the Tissue Performance Center (TPC) of Körber immediately take action. This happened recently when a machine was down for a total of one hour over a period of five days. “It generated around 3,000 Euro in costs,” says Performance Service Manager Franco Franceschi. “Whenever we discover such faults, we immediately contact our customers and help them find and eliminate the causes. The TPC ensures that all facilities operate in an optimal range and that expensive downtimes are avoided.” This enables Körber’s customers to boost overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE for short, which directly improves business results.

lThe direct connection to our customers enables us to provide them with concrete suggestions for improving their machines’ OEE and also help them to find the causes of faults much faster than if the TPC data wasn’t available.r

Franco Franceschi, Performance Service Manager, Körber Business Area Tissue

This innovative service from Körber is made possible by a cloud solution that was launched in 2018. The data of more than 1,000 machines at customers all over the world now flows into this solution. The experts at the TPC analyze this data in real time. They know which values are optimal as well as where and why deviations occur. “Our service includes providing general information on boosting OEE as well as comprehensive product reports and concrete fault analyses,” says Franco Franceschi.

And that’s only the beginning. By comparing data, the experts at the TPC can now, in some cases, tell in advance whether maintenance measures will become necessary or machines might break down. “We will soon offer all of our customers such a predictive maintenance service,” says Franco Franceschi. “This will significantly improve their OEE even further!”

Tissue Performance Center

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