Roles and responsibilities

We implement sustainability together

At Körber we look at sustainability from a holistic and group-wide perspective. Our internal organization also shows the high priority we assign to this topic.

In his capacity as the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technology Officer of the Körber Group, Erich Hoch is responsible for the sustainability initiative. The core team of the initiative crosses Business Areas and functions. It is led by Michaela Thiel, Head of Sustainability at the Körber Group. The team developed the Körber Group’s sustainability strategy, implements it in collaboration with the Business Areas, and regularly reviews how we are moving toward our goals.  

All of the measures are coordinated with the steering committee for sustainability. The steering committee comprises the Körber Group Executive Board, the Chief Executive Officers of our Business Areas, and Michaela Thiel. The projects are coordinated by the managers responsible for the focus areas and key topics and by the Business Area Representatives for Sustainability.

The sustainability steering committee at Körber 

Körber Group Executive Board 
Chief Executive Officers of the Business Areas 
Michaela Thiel (Head of Sustainability, Körber Group) 


  • Integrating the sustainability initiative into the corporate strategy 
  • Formulating goals and monitoring success 
  • Providing the necessary resources 
  • Exemplary function

Sustainability initiative of the Körber Group 
Head of Sustainability: Michaela Thiel 


  • Further development and implementation of the sustainability strategy 
  • Collaboration with the sustainability steering committee and the sustainability working group (across Business Areas) 
  • Coordination and support of all sustainability projects 
  • Internal stakeholder management 

Sustainability working group
(across business areas)  


  • Michaela Thiel (Head of Sustainability, Körber Group) 
  • Sustainability representatives of the Business Areas / Körber Group

All of them always keep one thing in mind: Sustainability depends on the daily efforts made by each individual employee.

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