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Grow through challenges! Our trainee programs offer insights into fascinating technologies and high levels of responsibility in international assignments.

Industry 4.0 and digital advancement are radically changing the opportunities and requirements that face companies today. We’re helping to shape the future of industry — and we want you to join us. In our trainee programs we offer enthusiastic and ambitious young professionals a wide range of opportunities to develop in an international business environment and to grow personally and professionally by tackling exciting technological and business management challenges.

Our trainee programs are intensely nurtured in five different programs. “We offer international perspectives for our trainees’ careers,” says Lea Klauk, the Head of Learning and Development at Körber. In the course of the programs, the participants pass through various stations in different Business Areas. At least one of these stations is located abroad. “The participants get to know various specialist areas within the Group and are given the opportunity to actively participate and form networks,” says Klauk.

lWe’re looking for people who not only know about finances or technology but also have strong personalities.r

Lea Klauk, Head of Learning and Development

The programs are rounded out by supportive training, mentoring, and coaching, as well as a large proportion of project work and teamwork. The goal is to enable the trainees to hone their skills to adapt flexibly to new challenges and situations. Ultimately, says Klauk, “we’re looking for people who not only know about finances or technology but also have strong personalities.”

In exchange: Networking is an important part of the programme.
Future-oriented: The foundations of innovation management are laid.
An eye for numbers: International Finance Program.

1. Körber International Finance Program

This program is designed for talented and ambitious young professionals from the area of finance. We expect applicants to have a very good university degree and initial practical work experience. In addition to a very good understanding of financial matters, familiarity with technology is an advantage.

At least three to six months of international experience during the candidate’s university studies are a prerequisite. The participants should be prepared to work at the international level. Trainees are assigned to as many as three challenging positions in subsidiaries of the Körber Group. Each of these assignments lasts between 12 and 24 months. There the trainees take on responsibility for projects of their own.

The participants receive intensive support through measures such as advanced training courses, a mentoring program, and management training. If the trainees wish, they can also be enrolled in language courses and intercultural training programs. The program prepares the candidates to take on responsibility for managerial positions.

Click here for the report by finance trainee Julia Bohnsack.

The joy of technology: Technology Trainee Program.

2. Körber Technology Trainee Program

The participants receive practical training in order to acquire the qualifications they need for functions in technology and innovation management in the international companies that are part of the Körber Group. They are assigned to five challenging positions in Körber Group companies for periods of five months each. As far as possible, these assignments are matched up with the trainees’ individual profiles.

The program is designed for newcomers with above-average university degrees. We’re also looking for university graduates in the natural sciences with a focus on research and development or on innovation or technology management.

Applicants should be able to document their internships or initial professional experience. At least six to 12 months of study abroad or other periods of residence abroad are a prerequisite. The trainees should be prepared to be assigned to stations abroad as part of the program.

During the program the participants develop not only their professional areas of competence but also their personal skills. As a result, they acquire the qualifications they need in order to take on positions of responsibility. Communication with other trainees and the creation of a personal network within the Group are important components of the program.

Sales talent in demand: Technical Sales Trainee Program.

3. Körber Technical Sales Trainee Program

The participants of the Technical Sales Trainee Program acquire the qualifications they need in order to take on positions in the areas of key accounting or product and consumer consulting. The program is designed for applicants with a very good bachelor’s degree, preferably in economics and engineering or business administration.

The participants should already have acquired initial work experience through internships or work-study programs. Strong communication skills, a sense of purpose, enjoyment of direct contact with customers, and a willingness to travel are key prerequisites for success. A high level of intercultural competence and initial international experience make it easier for trainees to enter a global work environment. The trainees pass through four challenging stations in the sales organizations of the Körber Business Areas. We are specifically looking for trainees who enjoy working in the areas of consulting and sales and maintaining professional contacts with customers.

In the program, the trainees are supported by means of individual mentoring and targeted training courses. Regular networking meetings make it easier for trainees to form their own networks.

Fluent in negotiations: International Purchasing Program

4. Körber International  Purchasing Program

During the 18-month trainee program, participants gain a deep insight into the Purchasing organization of the Körber Group, both nationally and internationally. In three six-month assignments, the trainees complete varied and autonomous tasks right from the start. The program offers a broad spectrum of tasks ranging from demand and market analyses, qualification and development of suppliers to the implementation of new product group strategies.

We are looking for talented junior staff with an above-average Master's degree in economics or engineering. Since the participants are employed in national and international companies of the Körber Group, the trainees should be prepared to spend part of the program abroad.

The different stations enable the participants to network across different areas. In addition, an extensive training program ensures the optimal development of professional competencies and personal skills. Continuous feedback and a personal mentor accompany the trainees throughout the entire period.

5. Körber International Supply Chain Management Program

In the Supply Chain Management trainee program, talented junior staff can apply and further develop their skills in various areas. In three six-month assignments, participants get to know different departments. These include, for example: Supply Chain Planning, Logistics or Purchasing. The trainees take on responsible tasks from day one.

The program is aimed at junior employees with a master's degree with a focus on supply chain management, logistics or a comparable area. Since the participants are employed in national and international companies of the Körber Group, we expect them to be willing to travel.

The Supply Chain Management program also enables participants to network across different stations and areas. Extensive training also promotes the optimal development of professional skills and personal abilities. Lived feedback and support from a personal mentor are also part of the program.

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