“A love of travel is certainly part of it”

Progress report: A word from Julia Bohnsack, a trainee in the International Finance Program.

Julia, can you tell us about your educational background?
I studied business administration in Hamburg. During my studies for a bachelor’s degree I spent a semester in Ireland, and for my master’s degree I spent a semester in South Africa. So I already had a certain preference for spending periods of time abroad.

Which stations have you passed through as part of the program?
I first spent two years in Lucca, Italy in the Business Area Tissue. After that I worked in Controlling on Lake Thun in Switzerland. Now I’m in Italy again, in Porcari. Here I’m responsible for Controlling at Macchine Trasformazione Carta (MTC), once again in the Business Area Tissue.

lI really love the daily challenges, especially the mix and the diversity of the assignments.r

Julia Bohnsack, Trainee in the International Finance Program

What are the specific tasks of your job?
At my first station, in Lucca, I was involved in various commercial projects. In Switzerland I was primarily responsible for aftermarket controlling, and currently I’ve been assigned to do many different tasks. I especially love the mix and the diversity. For example, I prepare forecasts about the financial figures, and I assess the margins for the machines that have been sold.

How can applicants prepare themselves for this program?
They should receive very good marks in their university studies and acquire initial experience abroad. Of course they should also enjoy traveling and working with people from different cultures. Apart from that, there’s a very strong focus on the applicant’s personality. They should enjoy constantly learning new things, adapting to new situations, and networking with different kinds of people.

How would you rate the support you received from Körber?
Very positively. There are a lot of basic and advanced training courses, as well as coaching sessions. This is where I meet the other trainees. As a result, I do a lot of traveling, and I like that a lot. As a bonus, we get several flights home each year, and we’re also enrolled in intensive language courses.

Would you like to stay at the company after you’ve completed the program?
I certainly would! I’ve learned how to form effective networks, work together with colleagues to find solutions, and assert myself. I also think it’s exciting to constantly deal with new situations. As a result, my job doesn’t get boring. Whatever happens, I’m well prepared to deal with it.

After completing her trainee program, Julia Bohnsack started as a controller in the Körber Business Area Tissue in Lucca.

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